Dec 23, 2015

Year End Self Reflection

It's Diana Rikasari!

2015 almost end! it has serves me right. I have to say that 2015 is the most interesting year so far. I learn so much and got so many new experiences. These are the lists of things that I learned during this 2015-ride:

1. Living life
This year has been the busiest year. I realized that I have nothing to be posted. not  because my life was not excited, it is really excited, and keep me really busy that I choose to secure the real moment, instead of take my phone out to snap and upload some pictures. My phone gallery is full of my products, once I went out with my friends, I tend to enjoy the moments. The only time i post some pictures are those times when I kinda bored, so I created my 'moments' phone, please!

 2. Have some time for yourself and close friends
 2015 was the year of opportunities. I grabbed almost all things that offered to me.. too many that I spend most of my time with banana instead of my parents and friends. By the end of the year, I realized ( and I admit) that I am lonely and don't really have the courage to talk to my friends whom I have turned down :( (i think this is what happened on 2014?? oh i didn't change!).

3. Give more
I realized that giving has the same effect with exercising, it let go some hormones inside you that makes you feel free and sincerely happy, and it doesn't make you broke. never at any time. it will make you richer heart wise, and wallet wise, i believe.

4. Spend wisely
After my thailand shopping fiesta, I realized that shopping for fashion items are not my thing anymore. I prefer to purchase something that is useful for banana, things like some production tools, and my newborn baby: sipisi

5.Care for what need to be taken care the most
To be really honest, I don't want to care for something temporary anymore. my only focus for now is self improvements. I believe that when the time is right, someone right will come. Because rumor may has it, but really, feelings can change as fast as you flip your hand. Someone might be really sweet and caring and everything yesterday, but the next day he/she can turn into a freak ogre who made you wondering where was that prince charming. This fragile little heart has fallen and broke once, it took time (and tears) (and pain) to seal every broken part. So, mind my actions if I being so straightforward and kind of SNAP SNAP SNAP. So, for now I am really enjoying my time alone, spend as much time (and money needed) to develop my skills and human endoments. I am giving equal care, love, (and most of the time, SNAP) for everyone.

momi, popi, i love youuuu! the maturer i get, the more i realize that my parents' hair is covered with white hair and more wrinkles cover their face. I am conciously know that human has their time limits, and i don't want to be regret then. I want to spare as much time as I can with them, so when the time come, no regret I shall spare.

7. Find yourself
...accept it, and be the best version of yourself. People will always have things to be commented from you. You will never satisfy and make others happy, and you really don't have to! I got so many comment from my beloved to go and travel the world while I am young. But to be honest, i sincerely don't like it. I am the type of girl who like to enjoy small things around me. I am really enjoy my time to walk around my neighbourhood.Yes, the same neighbourhood for the last 20 years, still have something interesting. I enjoy my time travel with ojek and busway. I enjoy being surrounded by many strangers. I do want to travel, but not overseas (for now). Indonesia (even jawa barat)have a lot of places to visit. 
People will always take group pictures and upload it to socmed. You don't have to. When I really enjoy the moment. I will secure it in my mind, instead of worry on how fat I am in the picture. Like what happened earlier today, I took my mom for a quick make up shopping, and a nice dinner in a nearby steakhouse. Luckily my mom phone is off, so we could really enjoy that moment. We share stories, update each other, share the food. That what quality time is. There were a group of people (around 10) who celebrates christmas together. They set up the table, put on some flowers and gifts. They wear nice dresses.. but the worst part, none of them were talking to each other. They talk only to snap some pictures, and busy uploading it. Well, so much for quality christmas dinner. I appreciate if you want to keep the moments. But, please make sure that your motives are right. Do you want to keep the moments for yourself, or to show the world that you are not lonely?

8. Just keep swimming
No, not literally swimming. Keep going on! Things were not easy, but it was really worth it. 

9. Time time time
i appreciate time even more! I started to got panic when I am late to things that I consider important.

10. Put first things first
I keep dramas aside, and real thing real. I dont want to spend my time thinking on something that would hurt me or broke my heart. Un-im-por-tant.

Those are the things that I learned on 2015 (the 10 that I could recall). I am sure that 2016 will be even more awesome and great!!! I know that God know every dreams, and count every tears and sweat.

oh! I am 6 months away from having no more excuses :'p
I am really looking forward to be a full time 'mom' for banana draw.


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