Mar 13, 2014

i would..

What would you do if money was no object?

If i were asked this question, i would answer: I would draw all day long, illustrating books that inspiring and motivate kids and adults, and surrounded by kids all day long..and I'm on my way to it. Leaving a comfort zone is a very hard thing to do. My current-which will be past in a few weeks- position is very much comfortable. Good salary, easy-peasy workload, good working mates. What more can I ask? Well, many. Some call me not being grateful enough. According to me, not chasing your dream and passion is what should be called not grateful. Dreams and passions were planted personally by God, it is all depends on our willingness to let it grow or watch it died. One great bastard wisdom once told me: 

kuburan yang paling berharga adalah kuburan bakat

Ha! I teased that particular person for spitting these words *kualat*.

yaaaaa.. wearing suits, dealing with adults and all the cruelty just not my thing. I don't know what will happen next, who will stay, who will go, what will stay, what will go, what will come. But i know for sure, the next adventure would be super exciting and challenging. I am a very dynamic person. Now i want this, and later i want that. But for the last 4 years, i only want the same thing, And i believe that if you want something sooooo bad, the world will conspire to get you that. Passionate people always looked loveliest!

Keep the passion grow, because passion fruits!

*ran dom*

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