Dec 31, 2013

Heloo 2014

Happy new year people!
it has been my habit to make a resolution. My main resolutions are:
Have less social media time. I realized that i spent too much time on social media, so from today on, i will limited my access to social medias by deleting them from my phone. I refuse to live on the famous quote "mendekatkan yang jauh, menjauhkan yang dekat" Some friends told me that i'm lebay, I should be able to control it myself, yada yada yada. I found that this way is the most effective way :3
More family time.
Less promise, more action. hahahahah have been dissapointing many people with this habit. I have to break it by 2014. 
Publish my own picture book.
Explore more art media.
Be clear and sharp. WBAS bubar euy.. Make a clear line. Be a friend for everyone :3
Use public transportation to explore more!! 
Limit my SKIRT shop to once per two months. *gulp
Work smarter and more focus.
To conclude, i want to have a higher quality life. Let's fly!!


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