Feb 3, 2013

Long time no post!

finally able to update blog!! it has been ages! woohoooo~

one thing i like about studying in china: the classroom are still using BLACKBOARD! ha! what is not fun about that?? one of my dreams is have a home in which my kid(s) ((and I-ahem-ofcourse)) could draw freely on the wall. aww :') i am designing one part(or all) of my home's wall with blackboard as tall as ?? 100 cm perhaps. okay. that's all for dream house. back to shenyang, and another thing that is really exciting is they have colorful chalks!! yellow, red, white, green, purple, blue! ah! so fun! and this illustration was made when ???????! (no teacher time! ha! using chinese at last). 

ps: currently in deep love with salsa and latin dance (and music). i filled half of my playlist with salsa and latinos music-os (?).


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