Sep 7, 2012


chillax, noone sees it :D

aaaanywaaayy, my one-year language program will be started less than a week :3 i always say to my friends and self, it will only be a year, don't be such a lebay. xD but at the current moment i think one year will be quite a time though .__. at one moment i actually jelly to those who got to stay in jakarta. but yaaa, this place has been a super comfy comfort zone for me. i need to gain more knowledge, more value to myself. people has been  soooooo nice to me this week :) one nicest friend seems so sad, but don't want to let the world know. ha-ha! *i know anyway!!* and i'm enjoying each moment here. thank you for the joy and love here. people ask: when will you come back? hmm, i honestly don't have a certain respond to this question xD~ i have certain plans in my head, but He's the one who hold my life, so just see and follow His current :3 all i have to do is living the fullest. i want to spend my youth days to the fullest, do what i want to do, satisfy my own-self, gaining all the experiences and knowledge i could ever get. bcs i know someday when i finally have family of my own, i want to spend each and every single moment with my family, smiling for i have lived my single life to the fullest, and watch and enjoy my kid(s) grow old from cute active little babies to smelly teenagers xD so for now shoo you all. let me spend my lonesome in happines! haha! well, see you when i see you :)


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