Aug 22, 2012

Medan's culinary

last 2 weeks i went to Medan due to my cousin's engagement ceremony. andddd i had a major gastronomy experience. these are pictures that i successfully captured, the rest was forgotten for the omnomnomzilla in my tummy just can't hold up to finish the cuisine :9

Lontong Siantar: lontong + marinated fried chicken / beef + beehon + curry + honey potato chips  

Corn Pudding, made by my cousin's fiancee's aunt. omahgerd. this is so good. 

Savor Taro. I have no idea what they call this in Siantar: salty taro + some fried spices + bawang goreng 

this one is my fave! some white glutinous thing topped by mince beef/pork and fried onion.

this jelly! is! the! best! well, basically i eat everything jelly and ager2, but this one is yummy! it has slices of coconut within the jelly. the first picture is how they served it, and the top right picture is the amount i ate. alone. pardon my omnomnomzilla :p

my hotel breakfast :9 baked bread topped with cheese and half-fried-egg. with mayo and chilli sauces :9

Medan's asinan hawker! 

ah, this is probably the best dessert/drink i have ever tried Es Jagung Leci: corn+lychee+some sweet liquid.   i didn't know that corn is good for dessert :9

besides these food that were thankfully captured, almost all food in Medan is delicious. I had pork Hainan rice, curry beehon, green chili fish (so good), durian pancake. ah, i forgot the rest. but they all gooodddd!

ps: i had my first night flight on my way back to jakarta. anddd i looove the view! the lamps, building from xxx feet height, is.just.gorgeous. :)


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