Aug 13, 2012

long blahh

These are the characters I designed for a friend's final project. it has always been a challenge to create a traditional flavor in a design or illustration. i redo this chars for quite some times, the final result is pretty much unsatisfying enough for me :(

i want to blab quite much about my daily life, my sunday school :D started from August'12, i was trusted to coordinate older kids. however, my personal preference is smaller kids, kindergarten kids to be exact. well, new experience then, kids are kids :D this new class brings quite a shock to me. i expect a calmer, nicer, and  a bit mature kids. but it turns out that the girls may have turn to be maturer, but the boys. Gawd. they are so much uncontrollable. on my first day, i had my darah rendah attack. i think i jumped and muter2 too much with the kids before, which cause my head to spin around like a bayblade. i was not in my prime condition, added up by the shock of the new age kids, it all just creating a certain explosive-will-be behavior, which reached one point when it really exploded. i-yelled-in-the-class. -to-the-kids (it shut them off actually xD). i could see some shocking faces of the kids, and my friend. i was actually tickled to laugh saw my friend with his shocking face. none actually believe i could be as mad as i was. people see me as an extremely happy and joyful joyful person lah, they never expect such reaction from meh xD but human is still a human. anyway, that explosion took my mood away for quite hours. i was very tired, i feel quite bad for yelling to the kids -on my first day-, and some other situation just don't work with the mood, and i also found that my certain friend intentionally create a quite a gap with me, because that certain person have certain past issue with my other certain friend, and do not want my other certain friend feel anything wrong with me and this certain friend. (and now i'm misused 'certain' and misused it too much wtf). then i decided to take shower and sleep to clear the cloud. and yes, people should really shower and sleep. i REMOVES the cloud! my mood was back okay but i still had this remorse on yelling to my kids. then i decided to join one service at my church. when the preach comes in, since i ran out of my drawing paper, i started to lost in my daydream. somehow, ideas strike in! i was hit quite hard! hooooooo i was so thankful that time. when i first sat on my church's chair, i was really confused and sad, for i have lacked on ideas in solving my teaching problem, but at the moment i left my chair, my heart was thanking God for giving me brilliant ideas :) 

and at the same day, my dear friend, Ferry, a very silly person who loves being and acting like a silly :D the one who walk with me through my hard times, cheer me up, and has quite the same passion in catching moments, post a blog-post about me :') here. i was shocked, he's staying in SG now, and i did not expect him to do anything like this for me. isn't he the sweetest friend on earth? and i certainly hope Ferry and Yoke to have the last looooooooooooooooooooooooong relationship :D God is very very very very very good to me. and so to you.


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