Jun 28, 2012


-a very thoughtful post-

almost one month after my last post. haha!
life has been good, i'm enjoying my last month in this cruel lovable agency. i'm ultimately glad that i have so much love and support from people surround. 
some closest loves told me to give up on working in agency (and other which have similar working time :P). since i love these humans a lot, i decided to give it away step by step. i have exactly one year to purify myself from any oh-so-called wrong desire in designing. 

creating plan on my most probably future profession is quite fun! realizing that YOLO (yunnal's only live once :p) i'm planning to work based on my liking. and.. i want to work as a kindergarten teacher (^////^) i'm really having fun watching children grow. it is more than ah-those-chubby-cheek kind of love. it is very interesting on how persuade kids, how to talk to them, how to see problem from their point of view. yes, they might be the most egocentric human in this world, and it seems like they were born from papa and mama monster, but for me, i love kids for what they are. their purity, it is what i'm eager to dig. and once a week will never be enough :)  however, some loves quite not agree on that. 

well, lot of things could happen within one year. my loves could change their mind, or perhaps the door to design world might be opened, who knows.

anw, i might will not work in adgency anymore, but i'm an illustrator who specialized on kids' for the eternity xD and i have one big dream that i know i will be one day. and when i be one, i'll give up all the work in the world, including being a illustrator if i must to.


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