May 29, 2012

shame on me. i haven't upload anything for almost a month. On my defense, work has been really crazy. i had overtime almost every night! and believe me, agency's overtime is waaayy over-time. until at one point (today!) my body finally said 'enough!' i had to take a day off to take a (not-so) bedrest. however, i'm enjoying my time and my work. i don't feel like working, bcs basically it is what i did for free during my uni time, and now i'm getting paid for what i did for free is a bonus for meh. 

Working face to face with a huge-bright-LCD screen was really tiring. i know that my body need to be moved, thus, i took a longer route from home to office which requires me to walk (sometimes run) and sweat a bit. i obligate myself to take a 30mts swimming every weekend for the sake of a fit body.. and for the good of my creativity (n) i start to illustrate manually. i had some works done, and can't wait to upload them :D

Work might be fun, BUT! it is tiring as well. thus, this one day off is a great-short-getaway! i am looking forward to the end of july. i had a list of fun things to do within my last one month here >:D

*a sucking update -_-


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