Apr 28, 2012


ah, this is a obligatory post for every graduates. so yes, i am officially graduated! oh! one defense for my pale look, i am now hoping in an ads agency which has no working hour, so yaa i'm a bit busy. that's why i did not prepare well for this biggie occasion. i didn't do any special make up, i had my kebaya and hair do confirmation on one week ahead, which is quite short. but i'm quite happy with how my look turns out. my new weight saved it all :D i brought my camera along, but i left it in my dad's car. soooo no cutie2 pic! :(

i'm quite good at starting a new relationships. you can test me. i am blessed with that super mighty power to adapt easily in new environment. BUT!!! when it comes to saying goodbye or keeping touch in a long distance relationship, i'm a SUCKER! i even pull myself away from 'goodbye' events (which i'm regretting right now). not that i'm afraid of showing my tears, but! i tend to not shed one when everyone is crying :| and that is awkward. really really awkward. And keeping touch! uuuh, i'm quite famous for leaving people's chat :D left them with a 'R' on bbm, or left the message read, but no reply. haha. i am waaaaay a better chatter on person. so, keep in touch for me means: we should meet face to face.

Speaking about LDR, these are my solid loves from 2008. i had many friends back then, but these are some of friends whom i successfully 'keepin touch', they take me for every 'R' they got. they are my THREE MARKETEERS! we started as a small learning group. i can't remember my assignment group that's not including them. haha. the reasons behind why we always together is bcs everyone is participated, well, there are a lot of people out there who don't give any hand down, and still wants their name noted. and none loves those kind of people :D

We might tease each other, one of us was even cry back then. LOL. one funny fact! somehow, mine and hadri's weight are kinda related. when his weight went up, my weight will went up as well and vice versa. but   last year, we have break that curse! my weight went down around 7 kilos, and his weight went up like 5 kilos. and  we are hoping that this condition is steady xD
We always tease anny for her 'absurd' boyfie type. they are.. well, we just can't take it. haha!
I still remember our small journey in applying for internship. we walked (yes, as in walk by feet, in high hells for me and anny) through the long way of kuningan. we laughed, shared stories, and etc etc. ah it was fun!

I'm grateful that my two friends are starting their careers at decent places :D me? i am still struggle to reach my dream to be a designer. For now, i am a graphic designer for the most suitable brand for me. it adapt japanese style, it has kids elements, i may use vector as much as i can, the clients are cool! and my colleagues are mostly warm and kind. i always tempted to leave my china plan for this. but i somehow know that life in ShenYang will be a very good 12 months of holiday :D


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