Mar 8, 2012

Passion Fruits

this is my very first water paint trial and error. well, mostly error. haha. this noon is a very mellow noon for me. life has been soooo relaxing for the couple days, i guess He wants me to take a moments of break and cherish-ment before the upcoming-teary-byebye on September come. ha! through these moments, i keep flashing back on how He had led me to my passion. I am indeed so very lucky and blessed to know what my passion is. I am pretty much 98% sure that it is related with little brats that politely called as kids. Designing for adults has never been as fun and enjoying as designing for kids. although the gold says the opposite. Talking to adults never been as fun as talking to kids, even though they are just rambling about random stuff. ah, talking! everyone should try to build a conversation with kids, there will never be awkward moments for the chat itself is awkward :D they are literally talk about ANYTHING. first, they will talk about what their parents bought for them, and the next second they will talk about what they had for breakfast :D kids are more than just a little cute mini human with chubby cheeks.

it has been 4 years since i registered to be a sunday school teacher. i never regret a single moment ever since, there are some upside downs, esp with other adults, but nah~ those are nothing compare to the joy! and another good thing is, he match my talent with my passion!


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