Mar 18, 2012

It's ALIVE!!

arr an old 'dead' 3d project with De'light, a collaboration with Raymond and Roselly, the 3D and Animation artists and Edwin as the Sound artist/engineer. I AM contributing as the 2D artist. why is that AM ga santai? because the project is BACK ON!! it was delayed for more than 6 months bcs the 3D artists had to do their internship period,and one of them is in Europe now. i thought this project is DEAD! however, one thing i did not know, they work behind my back! haha! a good kind of back-stabbing though! and when this raymond man e-mailed me the first second of 3D animation.. it was like seeing your baby strolling out of a mom's womb. simply nice! it was not perfect, but it's our first baby! aww! we still had other 179 seconds to go! and the 2D storyboard had to be finished before September :') i'm a proud 2D mom..


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