Jan 12, 2012

Winda Yunnal W, B.Sc

Finally! The defense was so intense, that i almost cry. haha. despites of a few-a-lot revision on my thesis, i am very relieved that i've graduated! Only by His grace ,however. ignore my unpleasant face expression. i was so happy that i can't stop mumbling and rambling. haha! the doodles was made by kartika paramita. aaa she's my dear lovely fella :*

 oh! these are my fellow lovely supporters! they waited for my defense. aww how lovely.. no other words could replace my gratitude to Him for friends like them. 



  1. selamat ya Winda Yunnal Wijaya,B.Sc...
    kereeen! selamat menempuh hidup baru sebagai sarjana yaaa :)

    ditanya2in apa aja winda? jadi deg2an nih,hihi


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