Jan 14, 2012

The Hunter

 one beautiful morning, a girl named 'Jenny the hunter' woke up from her delicate sleep. 'Morning, forest!' she yelled happily. as soon as the yawn gone and her feet ready to be set on floor, she jumped and danced happily to the loo.

'Morning, self! you look stunning with your unbrushed teeth! i would love to talk to you, but i got forest to protect!' said Jenny the hunter to her reflection on the mirror. So she brushed her teeth and washed her lousy face.

 she picked her best uniform, and braided her tremendously wild long hair. 'this should do it!' said Jenny the hunter cheerfully as soon as her last braid made. She picked her cleanly wiped boots and tied her silky silk tie.

'now i'm ready to protect the wood!!'. Jenny the hunter was just stepping out of her tiny wooden house when she heard a little girl scream 'HELP!! THE WOLF IS EATING MY GRANDMA!!'

I bet you know the rest..
a set of illustration made during my internship time. another actor on this play was illustrated on this post. Oh God, an old work.. that has so many mistakes. however, enjoy!

Story and Illustration by: Winda Yunnal


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