Jun 18, 2011


2 weeks without any post doesn't mean i'm not productive.
currently, i am preparing my very first exciting project.
as soon as it published, I will post them here!!

a berry wonderful sneakpeak :)

anyhow, please come to Goelali festival. It is a kids film festival. do visit their web to see the clear schedule.
it is very good that they supply us with qualified children's movies. since, we don't really have a good films for kids. in addition, I will have my very first art exhibition there, with my dear friend, kartika. later, when u drop for a visit, go see 2 meters K E L I R trees, and stop right on the last letter, R. perhaps u will see me there, waiting for peoples giving appraisals on how cute that tree is.
nah~ I would not do that... sometimes
just drop by, they have A LOT of great and funny workshop there.
plus plus plus, you will meet a lot of kids, with their own world. oh! do bring ur little bro, sis, neph, niece. or whoever!
I will be there on Saturday, and perhaps Thursday and Friday if works load are not loaded anymore. which is probably will not happen.


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