Apr 29, 2011

i can draw (?)

This is my first well-done black and white drawing! WHOOP! I used to avoid manual drawing. There was something that keep telling me I can't draw. But one sweetest and kind-est graphic designer in Dentsu teach me how to draw manual. She helped me to do the arsir and teach me how to do it well aaand she promised me to teach me how to draw with water color. kyaa~ she is really good with those thing.

I learn much from digital though. haha. I know that most people do manual then digital, but I learnt digital to 
get into the manual. haha. 

Last week, I got into a kid's book illustrator group on facebook with my fella, tika. I always want to be one ;) I've submitted my hand-drawing there (not this one). Hope it will be posted on kelir monthly theme!


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