Apr 15, 2011

An easy way to live

You'll find that it's easier to not stick your neck out,
easier to nod your head,
easier to hold your tongue and keep the peace.

It's easier to be the wallpaper in the war room,
to be a non-confrontational shade of grey,
to merge and flow with the traffic of other people's thought.

It's easier to be the charming chap with the agreeable smile,
whom everybody likes,
but whose name they never quite remember.
What a nice guy, what a nice guy, as they toss your card in the bin.

It's easier to be content,
to be satisfied with just turning up and taking part.
To pop champagne for bronze
And throw parties for silver.

It's easier to settle.
But please.

you will be misunderstood, critisided, maligned, undermind,
marginalised, ridiculed
and you will eat lunch alone.

as seen from Campaign Asia Pacific OCt 2010 edition.


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