Mar 27, 2011

Transjakarta #1

The Madonna on Bus

Always know how to take attention.
Born to seduce
Dress falls perfectly
Use make up as if they were born with it. stick perfectly.
Mostly smell nice
Can be found NOT in every bus.
for boys: an ANGEL
For girld: simply BITCH

The Girl in Ping

Continously UPDATing status
her bestfriend is Twitter,
her ally is Facebook,
her amigo is BBM,
Recognizable gesture:
smiling to her BB,
head headed down,
feet widely open-to maintain balance
can be EASILY found in every bus


naa~ just a random boy


Live for music.
Never NEver care on what happens in the bus.
Wears headphone and ipod, which originality is doubted.
Headphone : gate to other world
HAD hearing-impaired,
-since he maximize the volume so everyone in 5 meters could hear the song.

The “Sleepy Head”

Well, trans bus plainly not a nice place to rest.
Especially when you don’t get seat.
but, when your body could not stand it, what the hell.
look at this poor guy...
hey, he looked like someone i know.


The workers Can be found in every inch of transbus. This guy dress preety weird..
He wears long coat with hat,
had FBI sign on his coat,
and he stared at the sleepy head man.
I wonder what he do for living..
AH! he must be a NOSY CLEANER!
you know.. Fetugas Bersih Indonesia.

*crunchy yes, I KNOW!*

The “Explorer”

Travelling throughout Jakarta with only 3,5 k IDR?!
Why not!
Kaukasian backpackers’ Favorite.
These explorer mostly smelly.
Wears Tank top and kutang.
bring huge bag, which may contain scarce orangutan.
seems like never touch shower.

Fun-expolrable things could always be found in Transjakarta.


  1. cici tukang gigitt.. gambar"nya keren banget siihh!!! pake adobe ilustrator murni? kerennnn! semoga jadiii ilustrator anak yang super sukses yaaa.. :D

  2. iyaa yg ini pke ai ajah :)
    makasih ya kistinnn! amin tinn


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