Mar 25, 2011

Mimi ♥ Oreo

Mimi & Oreo
An E-storybook by Winda

Hello! Welcome to Mimi's home

Well, you are right on time.
Now is the time for Mimi to take her midnight snack

Mimi was bored with the ol' twist-lick-dunk
" I love the twist-lick-dunk, but now I want something else"
said Mimi

Mimi had a marvelous idea to enjoy her favorite oreo in another way

What We need..

The famous chocolate sandwich

Condensed Milk and Fresh Milk

The mighty blender and the Cool Ice cubes

It's time to Cook!

5 spoons of condensed milk
500 cc of of fresh milk

4 pieces of Oreo and Ice Cubes

Steps to blend:
(!) Make sure the plug is dry, Plug in carefully
(!) Close the cap well
(!) Press the button to turn it on

*vroom vroom vroom

Oreo Milkshake ala Mimi is ready!!!

Finally Mimi could enjoy her favorite Oreo in her own way

See you in the next Mimi's edition!


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