Mar 13, 2011

Lemon Saves the Day!

Cooking Mimi:
Lemon Saves the Day!
An e-storybook by:

What a great day!
Flowers bloom
Sky so bright
Grass so green.
Can you count the yellow flowers?

Mimi was so happy and decided to take a walk around.

Out of sudden, Mimi felt gloomy
The sun was too hot!!

It seems that the sun was streaming right into Mimi's skin

The sun is BIG and ROUND and YELLOW, remind Mimi to her favourite fruit, which sour and fresh.
What is it?

It's Lemon!

Mimi had an idea to make something fresh from lemon..

Now prepare...

One whole Lemon, which cut into half and pieces
Two Teabags.

Three spoon of sugar
700 ml of water
Ice cubes

Now.. Mimi's favorite part!

Boil the water
(Ask for Adult's help!)

Two Teabags
Squezeed Half-Lemon
Three spoons of sugar
700 ml of boiled water

Stir well

Lemon slices
Ice Cubes
Put them all together!
Don't forget to stir well

Fresh Ice Lemon Tea ala Mimi ready to be served!

Finally, Mimi could enjoy the flowers that bloom
skies so blue
grass so green
and ice lemon tea so fresh
without feel anymore gloom.

See you in the next Mimi's edition!


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